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Bahraini Dinar Betting Issues

Bahraini Dinar Sports Betting Sites

It is understandable that living in Bahrain, you would likely want to play in your native currency. Unfortunately, none of the world’s leading sports betting sites offer accounts in the Bahraini Dinar. This is OK, you’ll just need to select a different currency like the Euro, British Pound or other as the base currency for your betting account.  

Pro Tip: Since you will need to exchange currency as part of your transactions with your sports betting sites of choice, to save money, it is important that you select the same base currency for your banking method of choice so you only deal with one level of currency exchange.

For example: If you open an account with Betway and select your base betting account in Euros, it then makes sense to open your e-wallet like Skrill or Neteller with an account that is also in Euros.  You only get one currency choice with these e-wallets, so choose the same one as your betting account.  Do the same if you use Entropay, which supports USD, GBP and EUR balances.  All these banking, e-wallet and card companies want to make money on your currency exchanges.  They’ll show you a rate of exchange, but they won’t show you how much of that is their profit.  These exchange rates can vary, so make sure you only exchange your funds once.  

If you already have a Skrill or Neteller account, open your betting account in the same currency in order to save on every deposit and withdrawal.  It would make no sense if your original funding source was Bahraini Dinar, then you bought Euros in your Skrill Account, and then you set your betting account to British Pounds, and the betting site then takes a fee to exchange funds a second time.  Keep it simple, stick to one alternate currency.  All of the betting sites listed offer balances in the Pounds, Euros and US Dollars.  If you have a funding source in another currency, many others are available including Canadian Dollars, Swiss Francs, Swedish Kroner among others.  Read any of our Bahrain sports betting site reviews to see the full list of available betting account balances.  

Have a good banking method yet?

As described, you’ll be needing to exchange funds in order to bet online from Bahrain.  You are also likely interested in adding a layer of privacy to your transactions with your betting sites of choice.

This means that you may not want to transact directly with the betting sites using your Bahrain-based funding sources like your bank account or credit card.

To add this layer of privacy, people often use offshore e-wallet providers like Skrill or Neteller so your transactions of record are with the e-wallet and not the betting site itself..  Prepaid Visa card services like Entropay are also an option in this way.

The beauty of these banking methods is that once you withdraw funds back from your betting account, you can use your e-wallets with many online retailers, and your Entropay number can be used just as a Visa, so you never actually need to repatriate funds back to your original funding source back in Bahrain.

The best online sports betting sites for players in Bahrain

Go! Go! Go!

888sport’s parent company has been online since 1997 and are listed on the London Stock Exchange.  They have the most extensive array of banking methods and a wide array of betting markets for all sports.  Read the 888Sport Bahrain review


Pinnacle Sports operates as a reduced-juice sportsbook.  This means they don’t advertise or offer a sign-up bonus. The savings is passed back to bettors with consistently higher paying odds on all sports, not just football.  A favourite of high-stakes bettors. Read the Pinnacle Sports Bahrain review.

Betway serves over 2 million account holders world-wide and offer a beautiful interface with an excellent mobile platform.  Like most top bookmakers, they also offer a cash out feature.  Betway are a great choice for Bahrain bettors.  Read the Betway Bahrain review.

MarathonBet might be the best option for Bahrain bettors.  They do not offer bonuses to players of essentially any country.  Most other big name sites offer bonuses to customers in certain countries, but not for Bahrain. As you have no bonuses to consider from Bahrain, MarathonBet and their highly competitive odds are very attractive.  Read the Marathon Bahrain review.